The Science of Eye motion

High-quality Eye Tracking for your research

Good is simply not good enough for us: our mission is to offer researchers the best possible technology to measure and evaluate eye movements precisely and reliably.

Developed to the highest quality standards, EyeSeeCam was designed specifically for use in neuroscience and medicine. Our scientific product is more than just an eye tracker: with our innovative system, we streamline research processes and enable fast publication of results.

The EyeSeeCam measures and evaluates the results at the same time. Thanks to the integrated monocular or binocular cameras, head and eye movements are recorded simultaneously and evaluated automatically. In addition to providing raw data and descriptive statistics, our software displays detailed evaluations for all predefined test protocols.

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The EyeSeeCam features synchronized measurements and a high sampling rate. This allows our high-speed technology to measure subjects’ eye movements with extraordinary precision and deliver reliable data quickly. Our lightweight non-slip goggles are available in different model types to accommodate diverse trial conditions.

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The EyeSeeCam represents the culmination of many years of experience in research and development. Scientists ourselves, we have worked in research for a long time and know the requirements of scientific eye tracking from our own experience. Drawing on this expertise, we continuously work to advance our technologies and adapt them to current research challenges, maintaining close ties to the scientific community.

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We see ourselves as technology partners for researchers and have dedicated our team and our efforts to promoting science. A dynamic and open dialogue is just as important to us as short communication channels, as they allow us to support our customers with the entire breadth of our knowledge at any time. The same goes for our personal pre-sales consultation sessions.

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