Our Philosophy

WE SEE YOU - High-Quality Eye Tracking for Neuroscience and Medical Research and Diagnostics

EyeSeeCam was developed in 2004 as part of a research project, an origin story that has shaped the way we see ourselves to this day. We know the peculiarities of scientific eye tracking from our own research experience. With the EyeSeeCam we have specialized in a technology that meets the exacting requirements of neuroscience as well as medical research and diagnostics.

Our Vision:

To enable user-friendly research that meets the highest standards, we develop the best eye-tracking technology we can.

EyeSeeCam is easy to operate and delivers quick and precise results, fulfilling our goal to provide high-quality scientific eye tracking that is as straightforward as possible. We constantly observe the changing requirements of scientific research and are committed to develop and adapt our products accordingly.

eyeseetec philosophy

Our Mission:

Eye tracking by scientists for scientists.

Our team consists of experts who combine their many years of experience in the world of science with their extensive expertise in hardware and software development. Merging research and development, we were able to create the EyeSeeCam, a system that translates the special requirements of science into a flexible eye-tracking technology, making it the ideal tool to support research projects.

eyeseetec philosophy

Our Values:

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Perfection is the benchmark by which we measure our performance, and the goal that drives us ever onward.

  • We do not rush development or quality management.
  • We pay attention to every detail and are only satisfied when everything is just so.
  • We learn from our experience and work hard to get better every day.
  • We want to understand our customers truly and provide them with what they really need.
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Knowledge is our most valuable asset and the driver of our development. Our team brings high levels of technical expertise to our company. At the same time, we strive to grow our knowledge and experience all the time.

  • We maintain close ties with the scientific community and keep up to date with current research.
  • We use our own experience in neuroscience and medicine to develop the best possible eye-tracking technology for research and diagnostics.
  • We are always evolving. Once we reach a goal, we look for new challenges in order to become even better.
  • We share our knowledge with our customers and help them get the most out of EyeSeeCam by providing guidance and support.
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Integrity not only guides our communication, it is also reflected in the quality of our products and in the relationship with our customers.

  • We communicate in an open and straightforward manner.
  • We value different opinions and personalities and appreciate the diversity within our team.
  • We are honest with our customers and keep our promise of quality.
  • We support our customers post-purchase and share further innovations.
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